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The Theme

Squeaky Preview

The Squeaky theme is a clean, simple, yet customisable theme for WordPress, ideal for your blog or portfolio. Integrated with the new WordPress Customizer (introduced with WordPress 3.5), allowing style changes to help your site stand out from the rest. Squeaky comes with a number of extra additions to help smooth out your blogging experience including simplified guest author support, featured articles, responsive styling for mobile users, and more.


  • Simple, clean design out of the box
  • Responsive design for desktop, laptop, tablet and phone users
  • WordPress Customizer integrated
  • Featured articles and simplified guest authors
  • Widget enabled
  • Custom menu capable
  • Lightweight jQuery and JavaScript enhancements



The WordPress Customizer allows greater flexibility within enabled themes for the user to alter and style the site to their own preferences, Squeaky makes full use of the Customizer to allow your site to stand out from the rest.


Web Standards

Squeaky makes use of the latest HTML5 and CSS3, supported by all the modern browsers… ready for cutting edge features and styling.

Legacy Browsers

Browsers which don’t natively support HTML 5 will make use of alternative methods to help extend support, we don’t actively support Internet Explorer 6 any more, but the site should still degrade gracefully.

A Gallery

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Matt “Tower” Spencer



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