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Click a section below to view the options. The save button will store the current styling for up to 14 days in your current browser (via cookie).

Preset Styles

Click a preset below to quickly view some of the possibilities with this WordPress theme.

Doing so will overwrite any custom saves.

Title & Tagline

Background Styling

The background is the surrounding area, for text and content styling see the below section.

While only a few patterns are on offer here, you can upload any image you see fit.

Content Styling

The content styling includes text and the area that contains the text.

If the heading is transparent then the heading will be styled as the content is themed.

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The WordPress Customizer allows greater flexibility within enabled themes for the user to alter and style the site to their own preferences, Squeaky makes full use of the Customizer to allow your site to stand out from the rest.

Customizer (General)

Customizer Features in Squeaky

  • Alter the logo and text of your site and see their impact real-time

  • Change the background pattern, and adapt it with an extra color layer; or just have a plain colored background

  • Tailor the heading and footing background and font colors

  • Adjust the colors of the text and content background

  • Default `Read more…` text alteration

  • Plus… all changes affect the responsive mobile and tablet sites too

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