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The Theme

Squeaky Preview

The Squeaky theme is a clean, simple, yet customisable theme for WordPress, ideal for your blog or portfolio. Integrated with the new WordPress Customizer (introduced with WordPress 3.5), allowing style changes to help your site stand out from the rest. Squeaky comes with a number of extra additions to help smooth out your blogging experience including simplified guest author support, featured articles, responsive styling for mobile users, and more.


  • Simple, clean design out of the box
  • Responsive design for desktop, laptop, tablet and phone users
  • WordPress Customizer integrated
  • Featured articles and simplified guest authors
  • Widget enabled
  • Custom menu capable
  • Lightweight jQuery and JavaScript enhancements

Responsive Design

Squeaky is mobile-ready, so your readers won’t feel alienated by the device they use; no requirement for a mobile-specific sub-site. Just install and let the theme take care of the matter. It uses the latest CSS to mould the site to your visitors device, with lightweight JavaScript enhancements.

Customizer Features

The WordPress Customizer offers a user-friendly method to alter the way your site looks for your visitors without having to spend time learning to code. Squeaky feature a number of customisations you can make to make your site stand out from the crowd, read this post for more information on the Customizer.

Featured Articles & Guest Authors

Featured articles remove the sidebar and put your content front-and-centre, with additional formatting to make it stand out from your other posts, ideal for one off specials. The guest authors feature allows you to quickly add a guest author’s name in place of your own* perfect for one-off articles.

Widget Enabled

Widgets allow you to add extra menus, text and information about you, your site and your content; Squeaky comes widget enabled, just what you’d expect from a WordPress theme.

Custom Navigation Menu

The menu feature of WordPress allows you to create your own custom navigation menus with content of your own choosing; the Squeaky theme has some support for this feature out-of-the-box.

jQuery Integration

JavaScript and jQuery are used in a lightweight fashion to aide the appearance and functionality of the site, but used only lightly to avoid a broken site should your users have it disabled.

* Note that links will still refer to your own author page, if the guest author is a regular contributor it would be worthwhile making a new author profile.

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